Top 5: Most Popular Restaurants on RoundMenu in 2012

We can’t deny it, in Dubai, we love to eat. In fact, according to a recent survey, 78% of UAE residents eat out up to twice a week, while 3% said they eat out daily. With thousands of restaurants in the city, from world-class dining to small eateries, it’s hard to resist dishing out cuisines from all corners of the globe. Some are hot for a few month and then vanish, like a one-hit-wonder pop band. But many restaurants do find a groove with a regular audience, and never need course correction.

RoundMenu diners love to discover new restaurants on our site, but they also have some favorites. So we’ve rounded up the most popular restaurants in 2012:

1. OPTIONS by Sanjeev Kapoor, Indian cuisine = 1,360 diners

When it comes to Indian restaurants in Dubai, we’re spoilt for choice. But if you’re looking for plush, crimson-cushioned comfort and atmospheric lighting, the aptly named Options would appear to be your only choice.

2. Shang Thai, Thai cuisine = 891 diners

Exceptionally flavorful, every dish has a texture and essence of its own, owing to its traditional cooking method, spelling out a recipe that entices the taste buds.

3. Toshi, Pan-Asian cuisine = 813 diners

Located on the 18th floor of the Grand Millennium, enchanting and intimate, Toshi takes you on an epicurean journey serving authentic Asian flavors from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan and China.

4. Gypsy Chinese, Chinese cuisine = 755 diners

Chinese dining with more oomph and zing packed in every bite — that’s what Gypsy Chinese restaurant promises. As the name suggests, the focus is on Chinese, with a twist of Indian-ness.

5. The Farm, European restaurant = 410 diners

Nestled right in the heart of Al Barari and surrounded by naturally landscaped lakes, waterways and botanical gardens, The Farm presents a truly exclusive setting. A setting where you can re-connect with the environment and enjoy expertly prepared soul-satisfying food made from the finest ingredients.