The Happiest Meal: Dining Out with Kids

A pristine tablecloth covered in spaghetti bolognese, a jug of water sent crashing to the floor; If you have ever taken young children out to eat, you will already have a volume of horror stories to tell. At the same time many parents want to dine out in a way that doesn’t involve eating left over fish fingers whilst watching your child play with their happy meal toy.

Finding places to eat out that are family friendly, can sometimes be tricky. Whether you’re looking for a friendly atmosphere, somewhere for the children to play or healthy interesting children’s meals, RoundMenu is here to help.

Our new Guided Search feature helps you find the right restaurant. Looking for Indian cuisine in Marina area for the family? Or do you want to introduce the kids to exotic Thai cuisine but looking for a family-friendly restaurant? Try it out, and thank us later.


And as an added bonus, here are some tips to have fun again, and make dining out with kids an enjoyable experience:

Embrace the Early Bird

There was a time when you’d be finishing up brunch at 5 o’clock. These days by 5 you are ready for dinner, and getting there before the rush means you’re not pushing your kids’ patience with a 30-minute wait for a table.

Keep Them Busy, Busy, Busy

Smuggle in art supplies, like some slightly messy, sparkly marker you wouldn’t dream of letting them use at home. Let them play tic-tac-toe to their hearts content all over the paper placemats. Or hand over your iPhone, loaded with age-appropriate apps. Any place that puts crayons on the table, it can’t be considered rude for a kid to tune out on the phone.

Toss in Pretty Sweet Incentives

Make them earn dessert. Rather than threaten to take it away, set up the assumption that there is no such thing as dessert unless they behave, wait patiently, keep their voices down and use a fork. And then when they do behave, bring on the chocolaty-ist thing on the menu!